Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou

The variety was originally created by combining the Italian variety Schiava Grossa (Trollinger or Black Hamburg) and Egyptian variety Muscat of Alexandria and was grown in English greenhouses, where it was referred to as Black Muscat of Alexandria, but the name Hamburg Muscat soon prevailed, which kept one component from each of the varieties from which it was created.



Syrah is one of the most ancient grapes in the world. Up until the ‘70s one came across it principally in Southern France, from where it traveled and overtook the world. It was extensively grown inAustralia, Spain, Italy, California, Chile, Argentina and spread fast also into the Greek vineyard from the 90s onwards.

"Where Mediterranean climate meets the favours of Nature"

…In a blessed verdant place, bathing in the Greek sun and graced with inexhaustible natural beauties and running waters, the varietal wines Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou and Syrah are produced. The vast Greek vineyard hides priceless treasures. The arcane secrets of viticulture are handed down to the younger generations with the utmost respect, while scientific knowledge and new technologies enrich the traditional art. Thus, the nature’s “treasures” conjoin with the hard work and passion of the people to create splendid wines which will enchant even the most demanding palates.

Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou & Syrah



Wine-tasting event in Sydney – Beta Events

Within the framework of “Promoting Varietal Wines in Australia”, a program funded by the European Union, a unique wine-tasting experience of Varietal Wines, took place on Monday 20/02/2023 from 19:00…

Masterclass in Sydney – Beta Events

Once again, our beloved sommelier Angie Giannakoudakis took our guests on a trip to the secrets of Varietal Wines, Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou & Syrah, at Beta Events / Alpha Restaurant…

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Psarakos Market Market (2/8 Clarendon St, Thornbury VIC 3071, Melbourne) was the place to be on Friday, 17/02/2023! Customers of the market had the unique opportunity to taste Varietal Wines,…

Dinner with wine-professionals

Within the framework of “Promoting Varietal Wines in Australia”, a program funded by the European Union, on Thursday 16/02/2023 a dinner with wine professionals took place at Greca Street –…

Masterclass in Melbourne – Naima Hotel

On Wednesday 15/02/2023 (14:00 – 16:00) Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou & Syrah were on the spotlight at a unique Masterclass hosted by sommelier Angie Giannakoudakis. The event took place at Naima…

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Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou