Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou

Did you know that Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou belongs to one of the oldest grape varieties in the world?

Wines from Moschato were cultivated by the ancient Greeks!

To get acquainted with this popular variety of wines, including flavor profile, fermentation techniques, and food pairing, look no further.

Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou is a rare grape muscat variety that can produce white, rosé and red wines. It has a richer flavor profile that includes notes of rose, violet, and even black tea. Due to its sweet and fruity taste profile, we suggest the following food options to combine Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou, in order to upgrade the taste of wine and food.

1. Cheese: With the fruity, floral aromas of a good Moschato, sharp and strong cheeses make a great pairing. Bleu or assorted French cheeses will bring out the pear, apple, and citrus flavors so characteristic of Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou.

2. Spicy Dishes: The sweet, floral notes Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou wine go perfectly with spicy foods. Stick with well-cooked meat with spicy notes and you’ll love the way the Rosé Moschato brings out these spicy, rich flavors and aromas.

3. Desserts: Rosé Moschato makes the perfect dessert wine! Drier, fruitier Rosé Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou pairs well with baked apple pie, caramel, and vanilla ice cream bringing up the acidic notes in the fruit, and the sweetness of vanilla. For richer tastes, black Muscat pairs well with rich caramels and chocolate, cherries, strawberries or blackberries. 

White Muscat Black Tyrnavos with fish & seafood

Who can dispute the pairing of well-cooked fish with a glass of white wine? It is a basic rule that we all know, as white wine is the best choice for fish, but also for shellfish.

For example, mussels and oysters can be perfectly paired with wines such as Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou. Their salty and seafood texture contrasts with a white glass of Muscat, as its sweet and fruity taste is balanced by the saltyness of the dish.

Also prepare fresh well-cooked fish fillets or fried fish, which will be accompanied by cooked or raw vegetables and a glass of white Muscat Black Tyrnavos. The soft meat of the fish that melts on the palate and leaves its characteristic taste, is harmoniously combined with the semi-sweet white of the Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou variety.

A little tip that will take your meal to the next level: keep the wine in the fridge for a few hours before consuming it, so that its delicious nuances and fruits unfold.

Greek wine & Indian food?

Rosé Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou with Indian food is an unknown pairing that if you try it, it will reward you! 

There’s a common misconception that all Indian food is spicy. While many dishes do have a decent level of heat, not all of them are tongue-scorching. To counterbalance spice, consider a wine that’s lower in alcohol, has a bit of sweetness, is served cool and they are low in tannins, like Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou.

If you are an Indian cuisine lover, we suggest to try the Vindaloo dish and Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou pairing. Vindaloo dishes are among the spiciest options in Indian cuisine. These curries feature a sauce made from curry paste, coconut milk, vinegar, chilis, garlic, onions, and spices such as garam masala, turmeric, cayenne pepper, and paprika. While they’re often served with pork or lamb, you can also have a vindaloo with chicken, tofu, or vegetables.

The spice level in the vindaloo sauce pairs nicely with a glass of a Rosé Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou, especially those with a bit of sweetness!