Syrah and Steaks! 

Wine and Steaks is one of the most iconic pairings and seems to beat all of them! Steak is an excellent choice for dinner or celebrating a special occasion but pairing it with great wine can turn your meal into an unforgettable experience. The only issue here is how to choose the right wine.
Syrah wine, as it is high in acidity and tannins, is a great option for the steak lovers. 

You see, if you plan to cook or order a steak with some fat on it, like ribeye, Syrah is the perfect wine to go with it. Steaks like ribeye cuts should be paired on with a robust wine!
Try spicing your meats with anise and clove to bring out those subtle nuances in the wine. 

Then, pair the steak with Syrah, and you’ll be greeted with a punch of flavor that tapers off and then has a spicy, peppery note in the aftertaste.

Remember, fine dining and wine are all about enjoying yourself.

What is the best pairing for Syrah wine?

If the answer is good vibes and memorable moments, then… you are in the right place! But we were talking about food; because we are happier when we are fuller! Read below some extra tips about Syrah pairing and creating unforgettable gastronomical memories!

A sip of Syrah means that, first, you get a punch of flavor that awakens your senses and an aftertaste that is hard to forget. The great thing is that Syrah is: one name with several faces, as each region where it is grown brings something different, something that adds another layer to its personality. 

All in all, a fantastic wine that deserves the attention of every wine lover in the world.
Thanks to its full-body taste, Syrah wine is best to pair with bold foods! You can choose lots of sorts of foods like barbecue or a cheeseburger! 

The secret to great food pairing is bringing out the subtle distinctions within the wine.
We’d suggest pairing Syrah with a slightly more delicate food pairing such as grilled lamb, but Greek style influences (such as souvlaki or gyros) are an excellent opportunity for pairing too. Furthermore, try more bold flavors, such as spiced, or even barbecue pork. Add rich fruit flavors, that they are also a good way to bring out the best in both the food and the Syrah wine.

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Syrah & Cheese edition!

If you are wondering which is the best cheese to pair with a glass of Syrah, then you are in the right place. This is a guide that will cover the basics of pairing Syrah with cheese, as well as some of our favorite red wine and cheese pairs that you should definitely try! 

Foremost, let’s make it clear; there are so many factors demonstrating that you should pair different kind of cheeses with different kind of wines! On the simplest level, it comes down to the grapes; red wine is generally made with dark, black, or blue grapes while white wines are made with light, pink, or white grapes. There are exceptions to this, but this is the rule of thumb. The differences don’t stop there, though. Once picked, the winemaking process for red and white wines differs as well. These are quite important facts to consider when pairing red wine with cheese!

Pairing full-bodied wines like Syrah can be difficult for cheese lovers.  Truth is that “the more tannins a wine has, the more challenging it is to pair”.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be done though! If you’re eager to have some cheese alongside your bold bottle of Syrah, we recommend choosing strong, hardy cheeses like an 8- or 10-year aged cheddar. Nutty aged cheeses can better balance the strong oaky finish that Syrah is known for.

Must-try Syrah and Cheese Pairings: Aged Cheddar, Roth Private Reserve & Aged Swiss!​

Red wines like Syrah pair well with bold, hearty, and aged cheeses like these, because they can stand up to the extra tannins red wine has, compared to white wine.