Varietal Wine

Syrah is one of the most ancient grapes in the world. Up until the ‘70s one came across it principally in Southern France, from where it traveled and overtook the world. It was extensively grown inAustralia, Spain, Italy, California, Chile, Argentina and spread fast also into the Greek vineyard from the 90s onwards.

Syrah or the black diamond of wines spread in the Greek vineyard, creating highly complex wines. This was not a fortuitous development, as this variety favours hot climate conditions and triumphs in places where there is a great temperature difference between night and day. Wines fermented from this variety have a rich body and tight structure while they are distinguished from their deep crimson color with violet hues, while their aromatic profile is overwhelmed by ripe red fruits such as cherries, berries, prunes, complemented by accents of black pepper and clove. It can mature for many years and is frequently mixed with other international and local varieties.

Syrah can be served with red meats, poultry game, spicy meat dishes, pasta with red sauces, wild mushroom risottos, soft fatty cheeses and grilled vegetables.

Syrah / Factsheet