Wine Serving Guide

Your guide to the world of Wine!

Serving wine is an important process that can greatly influence the enjoyment and expression of the wine’s aromas and flavors. Especially when we talk about Varietal Wines, Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou and Syrah, some of the most important secrets are hidden in the serving so that you can enjoy the absolute aroma and the unique aftertaste they offer!

  • Temperature: The right temperature is crucial for wine. Generally, white and rose wines Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou should be served at 8-12°C (46-54°F), red wines Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou and Syrah at 14-18°C (57-64°F), and sparkling wines at 6-10°C (42-50°F). Avoid serving red wines at excessively low temperatures, as it may mask their aromas and flavors.
  • Pouring: Before serving, first pour the wine for yourself and then for others. Fill the glasses only halfway to allow enough space for the wine to breathe and evolve.
  • Glassware: Use the appropriate glassware for each type of wine. Typically, white wines are served in thin and smaller glasses, red wines in larger and wider glasses, and sparkling wines in tall and narrow flutes.
  • Aeration: Serve red wines after giving them some time to aerate. Hold the glass from the stem and gently swirl it to mix the wine with air. This helps to release the wine’s aromas and flavors.
  • Serving Size: Use an appropriate amount of wine in each glass to maintain the balance of aromas and flavors. Serve women first and then men, starting with the older guests.
  • Enjoyment: Allow yourself to savor the wine in the company of great companions and in a relaxed mood. Discover the nuances of the wine’s aromas and taste as they develop and
    change in the glass.

These tips will help you enjoy the Varietal Wines Moschato Mavro Tirnavou and Syrah to the fullest. Embrace the experience of wine service and create wonderful memories with your loved ones!