Update from our promotional activity

Wine-tasting event in Sydney – Beta Events

Masterclass in Sydney – Beta Events

Wine-tasting event in Sydney – Afresh IGA + Liquor

Tasting event in Melbourne – Psarakos Market

Dinner with wine-professionals

Masterclass in Melbourne – Naima Hotel

Masterclass in Melbourne – Epocha Restaurant

Wine-tasting event in Melbourne – Epocha Restaurant

Wine Tasting Dinner at the restaurant Risk Bar, Melbourne

Masterclass at Vini Divini | Wine Lab, at Sydney

Masterclass at the restaurant Wolfe & Molone

Masterclass, Epocha Restaurant Hope Food & Wine

Wine Tasting: Epocha Restaurant, in Melbourne

Wine Tasting, Vanilla Lounge in Melbourne

Masterclass, on June 6th, in Sydney

Masterclass, on June 1st, in Melbourne

Masterclass, on May 31st, in Melbourne

Wine Tasting, on May 31st, in Melbourne

Wine Tasting Dinner, on May 30th, in Melbourne

Wine Tasting, on May 30th, in Melbourne

Masterclass vol.3

Masterclass vol.2

On-line event with Wolfe and Molone restaurant

On-line event with Epocha restaurant

Masterclass vol.1